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The first B2B Billing & Revenue management platform.
Made for B2B finance teams managing custom contracts and complex pricing models, looking to streamline their operations and gear up for growth.

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Manage All B2B Revenue Streams Under One Roof

Automate Sales-Led Contracts

Manage sales-led customers and automate contract-based billing for bespoke multi-year contracts with various products and pricing models.

Automate Self-Serve Subscriptions

Embed Received into your website to manage self-led customers and auto-charge self-serve contracts.

Automate Partner Management

Manage referral and reseller billing, automate partner fees and sales commissions, and monitor partner activity.

The Ultimate Billing Platform for Growing B2B SaaS

Real-Time Data Across Your Tech Stack

No code, seamless integrations.

Gain the Scalability to Grow

Remove capacity barriers and gain flexible scalability for rapid growth.

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B2B Revenue Recognition

Built for complex contracts, including usage, milestones and price allocation. RevRec that goes beyond subscriptions.

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New! Channel Partners

Manage Channel Partners - referral and reseller billing, top-line, partner fees, and partner billing.

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Automate billing for self-serve subscriptions, bespoke B2B contracts, and channel partners - all in one place.

No more manual spreadsheet processing, scalability limitations, and faulty data.

Designed for any B2B pricing model.

Our 'spreadsheet-in-a-system' allows you to create and automate any pricing model for any customer type. Subscriptions, usage, services, or hybrid.

All B2B revenue streams in one place.

Our platform is specifically designed to fit all B2B use cases: self-serve customers, sales-led contracts, and channel partners.

Analytics customized to B2B needs.

Our in-depth analytics provide insight into every level of your financial operations, so you can make better business decisions, faster.

Unbeatable user experience.

Designed with a customer-centric approach, our platform ensures an intuitive and seamless user experience that you will actually enjoy using.

Received streamlines our entire billing process and dramatically reduces late payments. We can now clearly define pricing models and adjust them as needed- both at contract and customer level. We never had this kind of business model flexibility before.

Ido Noiman

Director of Finance, Tastewise

Without Received

Late Payments

Sending customers late and inaccurate invoices without payment tracking.

High IT Spend

Relying on engineering for data integration and pricing modifications.

Lack of Visibility

Struggling to get a comprehensive view of your financial status.

With Received

Get Paid on Time

Send customers accurate invoices and personalized reminders.

Ensure Full Flexibility

Integrate with other systems and modify pricing models with no engineering required.

Gain Full Visibility

Get full real-time view of your financial performance.

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