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The first B2B Billing & Revenue management platform.
Contracts, Usage, RevRec and Channel Partners - all in one place.

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The Ultimate Billing Platform for Growing SaaS

Streamline your FinOps

Don’t let complex contracts disrupt your cash flow. Enjoy contract-to-reconciliation automation and reduce quote-to-cash processing time by up to 99%.

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Eliminate IT Spend

Get rid of in-house programming and wasteful IT spend. Seamlessly modify your pricing and integrate it with your current ERP/CRM systems without writing a single line of code.

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Increase Cash Flow

Forget about rigid pricing models that limit your business growth. Stay agile in the changing market, grow revenue through new pricing models and see cash flow increase by 20%.

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From CSV Headache, to Automation Haven: The Story of FinOps at Pattern

By automating contract-based billing with Received, the Finance team at Pattern cut down 3-4 days of CSV processing, gained real-time visibility for the first time, and now has the scalability to grow with no capacity limitations.

Noam Atsmon

VP Finance, Pattern

B2B Contract Management

Every B2B contract is a snowflake. Full contract management, from logic to automation to analytics.

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B2B Revenue Recognition

Built for complex contracts, including usage, milestones and price allocation. RevRec that goes beyond subscriptions.

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New! Channel Partners

Manage Channel Partners - referral and reseller billing, top-line, partner fees, and partner billing.

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Received streamlines our entire billing process and dramatically reduces late payments. We can now clearly define pricing models and adjust them as needed- both at contract and customer level. We never had this kind of business model flexibility before.

Ido Noiman

Director of Finance, Tastewise

Without Received

Late Payments

Sending customers late and inaccurate invoices without payment tracking.

High IT Spend

Relying on engineering for data integration and pricing modifications.

Lack of Visibility

Struggling to get a comprehensive view of your financial status.

With Received

Get Paid on Time

Send customers accurate invoices and personalized reminders.

Ensure Full Flexibility

Integrate with other systems and modify pricing models with no engineering required.

Gain Full Visibility

Get full real-time view of your financial performance.

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You're Not a Subscription Business.

Get a billing platform that is built for B2B complexity

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