Automate Usage Billing

Configure any usage-based pricing model, track your customers' usage in real-time, set your billing logic and let automation do the rest.

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Automate Usage Billing

  • API - fully automate your usage tracking. One line of code to input your usage data and you’re done.

  • CSV - upload usage data in bulks while customizing and saving different CSV formats.

  • Manual - manually upload or edit usage data on a contract or invoice level.

See our API doc

Usage Billing, Built for B2B 

  • Usage for B2B - manage usage scenarios, such as sub-activity, formula manipulation (running average, aggregation), and debits/credit relationship.

  • Usage Invoice Reports - provide customers with a clear overview of their usage consumption for each invoice.

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Track Usage Rates and Analytics

  • Usage Reporting - keep track of Usage product performance, analyze performance by product or cash flow over time.

  • Usage Logs - keep your usage logs in a single place for easy data management and audit.