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AI in Finance: How to utilize ChatGPT, Noateable and Poe in your financial Operations (with links and prompts)

AI in Finance: How to Utilize ChatGPT, Noateable and Poe in Your Financial Operations

Welcome to Received's guide to AI in finance! If you're reading this it means you are ready to get started with your AI journey and utilize different AI tools in your daily workflow.

To help you get started, we've collaborated with Adam Shilton, CEO of 'Tech for Finance' to bring you this guide to the top 3 AI tools for finance professionals. Whether you're looking to speed up processes, gain better insights, or produce predictions - one of these tools is sure to hit the mark for your needs.

Watch our step-by-step guide:

Chapter Breakdown



How to use ChatGPT to improve process efficiency.

  • What's available in the free version (ChatGPT 3.5) vs. the paid version (ChatGPT 4). 
  • How to configure your own bots for different use cases. 
  • How to improve the quality of your results with custom instructions
  • Recommended prompts and mega-prompts.



How to use Noteable to drive insights from your data?

  • How to upload large spreadsheets and connect external data sets to Noteable. 
  • How to use Notable with ChatGPT and use ‘chatting’ for data queries.  
  • How to use Noteable to analyze large data sets and produce predictions and visualizations.



How to use Poe to create your own AI assistant.

  • How to find existing bots in Poe's community. 
  • How to use Poe to build your own bot or AI assistant.
  • How to connect Poe with different knowledge sources. 
  • How to connect Poe with ChatGPT, Claude (Anthropic), and LLaMA (Meta).


  • How to connect Quickbooks to Noteable and ChatGPT? 
  • How can non-technical finance professionals start using AI? 
  • What are the low-hanging fruits of AI in finance?

Tech for Finance Resources

No need to work hard! We have curated all relevant links, prompts and cheat sheets into one space, so you can always revisit and use them across your AI journey.

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