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From CSV Headache, to Automation Haven: The Story of FinOps at Pattern

By automating contract-based billing with Received, the Finance team at Pattern cut down 3-4 days of CSV processing, gained real time visibility for the first time, and now has the scalability to grow with no capacity limitations.

About Pattern Insurance



Business model


Billing Complexity

Pattern has a complex billing process with multiple products, entities, partners and channels, each with its own set of terms and regulations.


Pattern is an embedded Insurtech company that allows service providers to integrate protection products such as insurance and guarantee into their customer proposition as a complementary add-on to their core offering.


● Time Consuming

We’ll ‘Bill’ Here Forever

The billing process was completely manual, with different CSV formats, with tens of thousands of line items, making it extremely time-consuming, error-prone and stressful.

● Limited Scalability

Scaling Struggles

An inefficient manual billing process has limited Pattern's scalability. The Finance team found itself laboring over data analysis and pricing calculation, instead of focusing on progressing the Finance function at the company.

● Missing Deadlines

Late Cash Scramble

Manual work has made it impossible to meet invoicing and payment deadlines. This hurt the Cash Cycle and had an impact on partner relationships.

● No Analytics

No Visibility? Yes Problem

Manual analysis and audit have made it difficult to see the big picture, as well as dive into the details quickly when needed. Working with disparate data sources made reconciliation and analysis a big issue.


● B2B Billing Automation

Autopilot Mode, Activated

The Finance team at Pattern can now automate the contract-to-reconciliation process, in accordance with each customer's specific B2B contract terms, regulations and required document formats. Adding new pricing and contracts is a click away.

●Unified Data Dashboard

The Data Dreamcatcher

The Finance team at Pattern is now able to upload all they’re CSV big data formats, which feeds into the different contract logic. No data manipulation is needed. This consolidates all data into one unified dashboard and automatically validates it to ensure an accurate single source of truth.

●Contract Management

Conquering Contracts

Pattern’s Finance team is now able to manage complex customer and partner contracts, including customized terms with varying entities, currencies, and regulations.


●Time-Efficient Process

Some Thinking Time, At Last

Reduced closing time from 3 days to a couple of hours, freeing up the finance team to focus on strategic initiatives, and doing more thinking, less repetitive work.

● Unlimited Scalability

Breaking the Shackles

With newfound scalability and flexibility, Pattern can open new business models and contract arrangements, and bring on new customers without capacity limitations.

● Full Visibility

Seeing Beyond The Numbers

With consistent and accurate real-time data and analytics, Pattern can make smarter decision making, budgeting and financial planning.