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Hello world, we are Received

We are happy to introduce you to Received, the Billing and Accounts Receivable platform of tomorrow. We reimagined what an Accounts Receivable system should do and look like. Now, we're ready to show it to the world.

Us founders, Shai and Roi, met in university, and always wanted to build together something that will make people happy. After university, we went our separate ways - Shai did his Masters in Applied Math, and led product and software teams at Checkpoint and NeuroBlade; Roi built his career in Financial Services, working for Visa, where he brought new B2B products to market with Fintech partners.

During his time at Visa, Roi saw the frustrations around billing and incoming cashflow. When we started to dig deeper as a team, we worked together with finance teams so we could walk a day in their shoes. We were shocked to find out how manual the A/R process was. The problem was even bigger for businesses with complex business models and B2B contracts.

Legacy systems just don’t cut it, so finance professionals have to spend a big portion of their days on manual tasks and managing huge spreadsheets just to stay on top of their invoices and collections. This creates a lot of damage - time waste, billing errors, lost collections and slower cash cycle. Moreover, business agility was compromised - a number of CEOs told us that their ERP is a bottleneck in opening a new customer channel or trying a new business model.

Accounts Receivable and collections are key contributors to companies’ financial health. While this equation seems obvious, the real issue is that A/R and invoicing is often complex, with many stops along the way. Sending an invoice is simple, but building one system that is flexible enough to accommodate varying business logics and integrations with surrounding tools without straining IT resources is a whole other story. Legacy systems are simply not there, not by a long shot.

So, we decided to take on that challenge. A big focus of ours, from the start, was to build with a human-centric approach, and with finance teams in mind. Our mission is to make their daily lives better, and help them free up their time so they can shine as the talents that they are. We can’t thank our design partners and early customers enough for helping us think about what the best A/R system in the world. Everything we build is with our customers in mind - easy to onboard and a pleasure to use. 

Talk to us! We’re always happy to show our beautiful product to customers and partners, or speak with engineering and business talents that want to join our journey.